Jim took the film to a chemists to be developed.  Both said the picture wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.  Backed up by some arguing that the “Spaceman” has effeminate tapering arms. Throughout the week, I can enjoy fish fry, chicken fry etc. For convenience, I have consolidated the specific dishes that can be made quickly under half an hour.   Jim always denied it could have been Annie, as he had said she had been standing behind him at the time, holding their other child’s hand (2) The Spaceman is Jim, and it is Annie who took the picture.  There are plenty of websites and chat-forums which go into exhaustive detail taking the photograph apart, and putting their own theories on it.  The Templetons found themselves the targets of anyone who had a pet theory as to what the mysterious figure could be.

 (6)  It’s a figure from another dimension. Yes, they are hygienic, healthier and of course suited to your taste.  Once it was processed one of the assistants said what a charming picture it was, and what a shame about that spaceman figure in the background ruining it. I clean it during the week end, marinate it and put it in small containers or plastic bags intimidating woman.  When he handed them over (at the same chemist) to be developed, they were returned with a note saying that the film couldn’t be processed. Sometimes the trick to making quick dishes is planning ahead. Similarly if you stock your pantry with side options like idli podi, curry leaf powder, pickles etc.  What should have been simply a charming picture of a little girl holding a posy of flowers though was to become one of the most famous photographs in the paranormal world.

For eg: If you plan and prepare idli batter for a week and refrigerate, you can make idli, dosa, paniyaaram or uthappam withing 10-15 minutes intimidating woman.  (4) the chemist, who got fed up with Jim’s practical jokes, decided to play one on him … but the joke got out of hand.  Kodak meanwhile had put up an offer of free film for a year for anyone who could prove what the Spaceman photograph really was..
.  It is thought he may have been trying to down-play the strange visit though, unsettled after he found journalists had been quizzing the local police about it. On 23 May 1964 Jim Templeton from Carlisle, a fireman and keen amateur photographer, took his family out to Burgh Marsh, overlooking the Solway Firth, in Cumbria, for the day. Even homemakers, I m sure most of them do not like to slog all day in the kitchen. ..


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